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Retinyl acetate


Product Name: Retinyl acetate
CAS NO.: 127-47-9
Product name: Vitamin A Acetate
INCI Name: Retinyl Acetate
CAS NO.: 127-47-9
Construction formula:
Quality index: Straw yellow crystal, easy oxide and deteriorate when meet light.
Solubility: little dissolve in alcohol, cannot dissolve in water.
Heavy metal: not more than 0.002%        
contentú║not less than 2.8million unit/g
Character: It is liposoluble vitamin. It can adjust the growth and health of the epidermic histiocyte and is a requisite factor. It can make the surface of crude and aging skin thin. It also can promote cell metabolism and dispel wrinkles. It can be used in many kinds of cosmetics.
Using methods: It should be added into the oil and add some antioxidant BHT, the temperature better at about 60celsius degree, dissolve.
Dosage: 0.1-1%
Package and Storage: 1kg/bag, aluminium bag. Closed, shady and cool, drying place and protected from light
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