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Nutritional Ingredients
L-Carnitine base


Product Name: L-Carnitine base
CAS NO.: 541-15-1

Description: White crystalline powder        


Appearance of solution: Clear and colorless                    

Specific Rotation: -29.0 to -32.0                      

pH value: 5.5 to 9.5                                         

Loss on drying: Not more than 1.0%                  

Residue on ignition: Not more than 0.1%                  

Heavy metals: Not more than 10ppm        

Arsenic: Not more than 1ppm                

Chloride: Not more than 0.4%                  

Potassium:Not more than 0.2%                  

Sodium: Not more than 0.1%                  

Cyanide: Negative                                         

Assay:  Not less than 99%                   


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